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Confession Time

I have a confession to make…

I am not perfect:-)

Yes, that is correct, I said it and it is true.

I struggle every day trying to make healthy decisions when it comes to diet, exercise and overall self care!  I succeed sometimes and I fail a lot!

The thing is, I know better.  I am very educated and if you know me, I am always the person people go to for advice on natural health, so it seems to me that I should do better for myself.

The question I am trying to figure out is whether I don’t value myself enough or there isn’t enough pain involved.

Tony Robbins probably wasn’t the first person to utter the words, “People make decisions based on either Pain or Pleasure”…

Ok, so the pain of not exercising apparently hasn’t quite overcome the pleasure of writing this blog or reading another book.

See, I like to learn!  And left to my own devices, would read and learn all day….

However, DOING is where the glory is!

If you are like me, let’s do it together….

Starting Monday, I will be Instragraming (new word!) my journey on eating better, cooking more, using the appliances such as the juicer and ninja blender I purchased, and exercising more!

#selfcare is the June Word and I invite you to join me!

There will be some giveaways along the way as well:-)

Join me here on my Instagram account.  Together we will succeed!

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