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Now that you have learned more about the oils, you are going to want to get a wholesale membership!  With this membership you will get 25% off and your own website to purchase from at any time.  There is no obligation to purchase every month nor is a social security number required!


It is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Go to

enroll 1


Click Join and Save from the options at the top



Choose your language and country.

enroll 2





Choose wholesale customer

wholesale cust picture





ID Info

Fill out your personal info.

If the Enroller and Sponsor is not pre-filled with my number, enter 118490.



Choose which kit speaks to you and has the items in it that you want to purchase.

enroll 4

All the fast track membership kits at the top include the enrollment fee of $35 enrollment.




If you want to purchase oils or products and don’t see a Kit that speaks to you, choose the Introductory Packet for $35 and then you can pick and choose items you want.  If you do choose the $35 or you enroll with an enrollment kit, but want to add additional items to your order, you will then type in the item spot below to add the additional products you would like to order (see picture above).

enroll 5


Then you fill out credit card info and complete order!


Click Order Now and Continue


When you move on to the next page, there is an option to enroll in loyalty rewards.  This LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) is our auto ship program.   It isn’t required, but there are many positive benefits for those who use the oils on a monthly basis! You have the opportunity to get free product points to use towards free oils.  If you spend at least 50PV (product value points), you move from 10% up to 30% of your PV (product volume) order back in points.

If you set up an LRP order, it will ship the next month, so you are not ordering two orders in the same month.  Choose a day between 1-15 to get the free product of the month if you have a 125pv order.  The option for product of the month is released the last day of the previous month.  Also, when you have a loyalty order, you will get 100% of your shipping back in points toward FREE products!  It is a great way to save and stay stocked!

Your package will come to you in 3-4 business days.

At the end, you will get an ID number. This and the password you created will get you into your website.

To log into your website, you will then go to and plug in the ID and password.

Any questions or trouble let me know!






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